Plastic Injection Molding

Arburg AllrounderAfter mold construction should you desire Marathon Mold can supply all of your plastic parts needs. The molding department is separated into prototype molding and production molding. Marathon Mold has moldingmachines dedicated exclusively to prototype molding. These dedicated machines insure that when your prototype mold is complete, it immediately goes into a machine without waiting in for a machine to open up. Either way prototypes or production Marathon Mold has the finest late model well maintained molding machines.

We have the molding capability of up to 40 tons and specialize in the molding of intricate parts. We process all of the engineering resins and even some of the more exotic resins such as the High Specific Gravity (HSG) materials from LNP. All production machines are equipped with robotic or automatic sorting devices for fully automatic operation. At Marathon Mold you can be assured your injection mold tooling is well taken care of with production tools being maintained twice daily. Our facility is 100% air conditioned and humidity controlled. All of this attention to maintenance insures your tooling will have the lowest overall operating cost and the longest life.

Mold Design

All mold designs are done by our internal mechanical engineering staff and are fully 3-D. This 3D approach allows for interference checking and correct design of all moving mold actions. We start with your part geometry and if solid models are available we use your exact surfaces to begin the design process. We prefer to use 3D solid model geometry, and interface with all solid modeling systems via STEP or IGES. If the part is in a 2D format we may be required redraw some or all of the part in 3D to check geometry and allow for CNC programming. By using this 3D design approach even the smallest mold detail is not overlooked, and is exactly what the customer specified. Marathon Mold uses CAD/CAM software from Cimatron. This software allows for the design and NC programming to be done in the same file. This concept reduces time and errors of translation.

Marathon Mold is an expert at manufacturing of complex surface parts. If your parts have highly complex surfaces trust the experts at Marathon Mold with your next project.

Moldflow Analysis

Marathon Mold is one of the few mold builders in the United States to own and maintain a license of Moldflow brand software. Using an STL file this sophisticated mold filling software allows for an analysis of the part, proposed runner and gate configuration to be fully analyzed prior to any steel being cut.

This analysis will also show possible quality problems such as “air traps” and “weld lines”. Moldflow Analysis is invaluable in determining even whether a part will fill or not. In addition proper gate and runner sizing can be determined for efficient use of materials and insure lowest cost.

After analysis is run a complete report is generated and sent via internet to the customer for review at their location. This service is provided at “no charge” to our customers to insure a smooth project with no suprises.